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[SOLVED] Does Tweak work for anyone via the pedal?


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On the X3 Live...when both lights WAH an VOL are lit up, I'm in Tweak mode, but regardless of what I set tweak to control for the current tone (via the System screen), the pedal does not affect it that setting (or any setting).  Why?  Does anyone out there have an X3 with a tweak mode that is operational or is that broken for everyone?  The pedal controls Wah and Volume just fine, and sends out appropriate Midi signals too.

I noticed someone in another thread complaining about the same problem with an FBV, but no one replied to that topic.


On the System screen, it says my X3's Flash Memory Version=2.01 and USB Firmware Version=1.02


EDIT: Okay, my pedal tweak works after all.  I learned two things: 1) the pedal tweak will not change the values you can manually set (and change via knobs), so, for example, if you set the pedal tweak to reverb volume and you move the pedal up and down, you will not see the reverb mix setting change dynamically the way you would if you were turning a knob for that setting. 2) The pedal tweak will only alter the % of whatever you've manually set for the value you're tweaking.  For example, if you've manually set the reverb mix to 2%, then the tweak pedal will only vary between 0% (when it is up) and 2% (when it is down), not 0-100%.  If you manually set the reverb mix to 67%, then the tweak pedal will vary from 0-67%.  

I'm sure Line6 did it this way because they didn't want "pedal tweaked" settings to be saved when you choose to save the preset.

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