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Powercab edit 2.0 crashing

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Well, I must have done something wrong..... not blaming line 6 at this point. I managed at first to update my powercab+, and the power edit software. It was working fine until I started to put in my Live Ready IRs. It went okay for the first couple, then started to get glitchy.... froze up and I had to reboot. Then it froze again and crashed. Now when I try to fire it, it goes into an endless 'creating power cab engine' loop.

I've tried reinstalling but I have the same result. 

I am using a quad core Mac trash can and have tried other usb ports. Any ideas? ......Thanks

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Update: Some of this is pilot error. I had moved the program to another folder. When I moved it back, it started working again.

But as I continued to use it, it started the same type of behaviour....'freezing'. At this point I'm wondering about my usb cable. I will try to find one tomorrow to see if that fixes it and report back.

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