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Hd 500 Not Booting Anymore


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Hello everyone,


I was hoping to find some guidance on this issue.


My HD500 is not booting anymore.  When I turn it on, I see the Line 6 logo coming up on the little screen of the HD500.  It lights on for a few seconds then it goes off and then on again but screen does not boot into the effects chain.  Obviously, there's also no signal sound from the unit. 


I tried disconnecting the power supply multiple times.  I tried changing outlets.  Still not working.


I'm thinking my HD500 is garbage now :(


Any help will be appreciated.


Regards to all


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Your Welcome, I lost so many patches I just finally evolved into someone who just makes patches when I want a particular tone. Eventually you get really good at it and learn new things as you go. Now what I do is save them to my computer as soon as I can but I still don't rely on saving them. Have Fun, Thumbs Up.

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