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  1. Thank You Glad to hear you fixed it up. You needed to replace your relays too? I don’t know exactly what Line 6 did to my DT50 but I like it. As far as I know they did the transformer but maybe they had more to do. I’m just glad they fixed it. I also dig the amp very much.
  2. Glad it helped Man! My Pod X3 Pro is still going strong too. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Everyone! Keep on Rockin!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a while, lol, I think it’s the one. :) Line 6 fixed it for me and since it’s been working really good.
  4. When that happened to me I called them but a support ticket should get you a bunch more.
  5. Brazzy

    Pod HD500X and 4CM

    Here's something might help some.
  6. I tried my Sonic Port with my iPhone 6s (iOS 12) again (been a little while) and I'm still getting random clicks. I was using Garageband and Mobile Pod "Inter app". I made sure the audio buffer size was 20ms to take some load off the CPU. I think it's a little too much for the chip in the phone to process. I'm no expert but I do have quite a bit of experience. The recordings aren't in the rendered track though which is a plus but If I was monitoring with an amp or studio speakers the random clicks or noise produced with the phone will be heard. I wish the iPhone worked better cause I think the Mobile Pod and Garageband work pretty good together. If only that random noise wasn't there.
  7. Your welcome. Any of the FBV Express boards will work with it. I hear ya about just wanting to jam. It took me a while to understand what's going on in all those buttons. lol.
  8. Really? I'm going to try it after the update too.
  9. Try this. Plug your guitar into the 'guitar input' then on the 'record select button' make sure it's set to "guitar". Press the 'drum' button and select a drum set use the arrow to select a song list or the drum list and select one but be careful to have you master volume down first. After you select a song or drum press play to play it and/or press record to record. If you press record and play your guitar it should be recording the drum or song and your guitar. If you want to record your guitar through the AUX input you'll need to select AUX/Mic with the record select button then make sure you press the 'input' button twice to make adjust it's input. On the first press of the input button you should see level adjustments for the drums and songs. You should go through these menus to get familiar with them. Hope this helps some.
  10. I have just one and feel the same as you. I've been using it and it sounds great but man the cloud just seems to be looming.
  11. It should work with the M Audio Uno. I've got one too.
  12. Sorry I thought I had good news but as I used the Mobile In again I noticed a fizz noise that seems to be like the click problem in respect to frequency. I can still record and render without the noise but it's as annoying as the first time. As far as latency is concerned I felt it was pretty good.
  13. Interesting, I tried my old Mobile In using an adapter cable with my iPhone 6s and I had no clicking. Latest iOS 11.4.1
  14. Hey Carlos that was a cool video you made there. You play like a pro man. Thumbs up to you. :) Also glad you updated your Spider Jam.
  15. I've started using my sonic port with my iPhone (with latest IOS) again and even though I get an occasional click It's not coming through on the Garageband rendered recording. I went into 'song settings' in GB, went down to 'advanced' and switched '24 Bit Audio Resolution' to 'on'. Not sure if it helped the occasional click though. I monitored with 32 ohm headphones from the sonic port but one time had the headphones plugged into the iPhone jack. Can't remember if the click was better or gone. I wish I didn't hear any clicks at all. I recorded the following using my guitar into HD500 > Sonic Port > Garageband. Then I used Audacity to adjust the volume level. https://soundcloud.com/reeleeze/countryside Also: https://soundcloud.com/reeleeze/low This one I plugged the guitar into the sonic port and used Mobile In amp models. https://soundcloud.com/reeleeze/early-morning-blues
  16. There was an application created by a third party years ago and was sold in the Apple App Store which was for an iPhone or iPad and with the correct midi to iPad/iPhone adapter connected one could control the internal functions. I think it was called DTCustomizer but I'm not sure it's available to buy anymore. Also there was an app called (I think) MIDI Memo and it could record all of the changes one made to all midi devices connected to the amp (like it's own network). After recording all of ones moves they could be played back and the musician could play in sync with the played back recording of 'the changes' he or she wouldn't even have to think about pressing any buttons (pedal buttons) unless a pause was in order. There was also some midi controllers with pedal buttons made that could be programmed, I forget the name brand at the moment. You could do a google search and probably find the company.
  17. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a second production of this amp. All them are probably from 08. Incidentally I have a Spider Jam I bought new in 08 and it's still working good.
  18. Yes you can use the CD/ MP3 jack, I also use the auxiliary in. FYI, I’ve got the HD500 not the Helix. Have fun.
  19. I hear Ya. You could use it as a speaker cabinet.
  20. I would look carefully at the circuit board or anywhere else for a cold solder joint but the amp may be not be worth the trouble.
  21. I've got a Sonic Port and an iPhone 6s and I've also got "The Click" but the recordings in Garageband seem to be fine. For me "the click" seems to be in the headphones since that's all I used so far. Did I miss any fixes for this or is Apple "Still working on fixing it".
  22. My Spider Jam is still Jammin at 10 years old.

  23. Also, In case you need Jam2Wav converter as per wiseman1965. This is the download link >> j2wsetup This where I found it >> http://line6.com/support/topic/11752-jam2wav/?do=findComment&comment=100433
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