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  1. Have you tried all the USB ports on your computer?
  2. Cool, I wonder what it sounds like. I was just using my Spider III 15 a couple days ago to play some surfer stuff. Sounded great.
  3. I agree with you. It can be a real inspiration killer to learn. I didn't use the L6 Link very much. Instead used the HD500 along with the MIDI Implementation Guide with one Midi cable to program the channel switcher, the amps, reverbs and I was able to use the pedal to control the reverb or whatever I wanted. It really works well that way. Get confused less, Play more.
  4. That's cool. Thumbs Up to ya. At the beginning I was taking screen shots since I was using an iPad with the DTCustomizer app. Then I learned I could use MIDI Mobilizer to record my knob and switch movements and then actually play them back or load with.
  5. I would try taking the pods FX loop send into the sdrum and out the sdrums stereo into the pods fx loop stereo.
  6. LOL, it can definitely be mind numbing and uninspiring at times :) It's been a real long time since I updated my DT50HD.
  7. You could check out this video too.
  8. Hope it works for you. You could try calling Line 6 tech too.
  9. As far as I know the firmware in the UX2 is separate from the OS. I had an issue with my UX2 I couldn't fix any other way. Like you I uninstalled the drivers, programs. I did everything but redo the firmware. In Monkey if you select/click the 'firmware' you should see a button that allows you to reinstall it. Most people are afraid to install/reinstall firmware cause their is a risk that if the 'installation' is interrupted somehow the device could be rendered useless or so some say 'bricked'. I've never had an issue working with firmware and I've dealt with a lot of devices.
  10. Yes it's different than the drivers. With the device connected to the computer open Line 6 Monkey look for firmware then click on it and click reinstall firmware. Check it out and see if it's there.
  11. Have you tried to reinstall the firmware in the UX2? I was able to do that with mine but I didn't have your issue. Hope that helps some.
  12. To the mixer is way better. I tried the X3 Pro to UX2 a long while ago for fun. I got a Behringer Xenyx 802USB and it works great.
  13. You might have to do something like running the drum machine and Spider Amp headphones/record out into a mixer.
  14. Brazzy

    Pod broken?

    It sounds like sparklers or fireworks. Must be a bad connection or component. Maybe a guitar cable? Does it do it with the guitar cable unplugged? Ooooops nevermind I saw that screen.
  15. Is the OP using the standalone PodFarm? The post reads like the OP doesn't have an ASIO interface. Like fflbrgst posted it should be as easy as setting the inputs in PodFarm to the USB headset combo.
  16. When I read what johnsontylerj wrote about that the light bulb went on along with adjusting the guitar z depending on what effect one puts before the amp/mixer. I mean it was almost like hearing the angels sing. lol
  17. No problem man. I'm not an expert sound guy but I try to read and get experience at home as much as I can. Been at it off and on since about 2008 now. I usually max the pod's master volume and then make the patch setting accordingly but you could also always set the master to 70% and then set the patches accordingly too. Here's what I do. I set the pod master to max, choose an amp, crank my guitar volume 100% or close to it, I turn amp model stack (drive, bass, mid, treb, pres and vol) all the way down, then I open the drive about 30% and the volume 50%-100% and do a full chord strum to see what I get, then I increase the mids to say 50% and do the same thing. I'll do that with the rest of the stack and if I need to turn the amp model volume down or up to compensate I will. This gives me an idea how each control affects the tone and drive. This is how I get acquainted with the amp model and guitar combo. Once I like the guitar amp model tone I'll add effects one at a time and readjust if I think it needs. Obviously this is not set in stone. There are many ways to do it. Most of the time I monitor with my Spider Jam running the pods L 1/4" out in the Aux input and I only use one amp and channel on the pod, usually the "A" channel but I've also ran the "B" channel into the guitar input on the SJ at the same time so I can mix both channels or pan in and out of them with the pedal but that's another story. When I monitor with the Spider Jam I usually turn it's master volume to max or just under when I set my pods patches so I'm at max on both the pod and the Spider Jam. This is how I've been doing it. If I run the pod into my DT50HD I plug the Left 1/4" out into the fx return and run the DT's master at about 50-70%, set the pods master to 100% and then set the patches with the same method I used when feeding into my Spider Jam. I don't think there are any real differences between When in mono or dual cause when the levels are adjusted to sound good no matter which way you use it still has to sound good. I usually always just use one channel at a time (mono) and pan in between them with the pedal. It's trail and error so if you going to tweak you mine as well have a set method of doing it so you don't get lost and after a while it becomes second nature and easier and easier to as you gain experience. Hope some of that helps man. ADDED: Now when I run 4CM then I'll do the same thing with the real amps tone stack, turn them all down and with the guitar volume maxed slowly crank the real amp drive and volume up, play the guitar hard to drive the rig and then open the mods and so on and so on. Then add effects accordingly.
  18. This helped me a while ago. Maybe it can help you a bit. If you already read it carry on.
  19. You're Welcome, I'm still learning too. Thumbs up to ya and have fun. :)
  20. Here's something I saved from a while ago. Maybe will help some.
  21. I found this on a search. Maybe it helps a little. http://www.tonesettings.com/line-6/acdc-3 Amp Model: Green Crunch Bass: 5-6 Mid: 7-8 Treble: 7-8 Drive: 7-8 Chan. Volume: 5-7 Effects: none Reverb: 2-3 Additional Comments: Adjust the drive depending on the song
  22. I would have to agree Reaper is probably the better way to go. I remember having to find, download and install LAME and another piece of software in order for Audacity to work the way I wanted. It wasn't too difficult for me but it was still extra steps that needed taking. I still use Audacity from time to time but only to edit a bit and convert.
  23. I don't know what I did but I remember using Audacity with my X3 Pro and HD500 and I'm pretty sure my UX2 also. I don't remember having difficulty but I do remember Audacity finding my devices. It's been a while though maybe something changed. I'm going to have try again, it's been a while. I may've compiled my installation of Audacity correctly for my use without even realizing it, lol.
  24. I see you have AISO4ALL in PodFarm. I think you need to use Line 6 AISO drivers for that. Also the sample rate in Audacity should be the same in the Line 6 ASIO settings. Try to use Line 6 drivers first.
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