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  1. The L6 link does everything at once, it's easier so to speak. The midi is just that midi so you'll need to configure the midi part on the HD500. I do that using the Line 6 implementation doc that gives you the code for the different settings. I just looked at HD500 Edit and there is a midi assign section in the controllers part of the GUI that might do the same exact thing but I'm not sure as I used the Pod itself to set it. The first few times it took me a while to be comfortable with it. I too thought I would be dead before I understood it, lol. I read your other threads and it sounds like you like your new DT25. Glad to hear it man! My main problem with the learning curve was I didn't even know how to play guitar at all. It took me really long time to get even remotely coordinated. I'm still learning maybe someday I'll be able to learn a song or two, lol. Even if I don't every so often I have a great time playing guitar with this stuff.
  2. I pretty sure it's a software difference. I think it comes with Pod Farm 2.5.
  3. Yes, I've done that from time to time. Plug the guitar into the DT's preamp and run a midi wire from out of the pod into the DT. It's been a while but I think I was able to even use the foot pedal for reverb or volume.
  4. I haven't heard that one in some time. Good one! :)
  5. I hear Ya Man. I was going to to use this emoticon but just couldn't make up my mind, lol.
  6. Sounds like a plan but don't let that "GAS" build up too much or you might explode.
  7. I think I like it so much that if I needed to fix it I would either learn how to fix it myself or actually send back to Line 6 and let them have it if they'll do it. But back to the upside. The tone and versatility is killer in this thing. Maybe I can find a DT25 Head somewhere in the future just for it being lighter, lol. Rock On! BillBee RR
  8. Man, every time I fire up the this amp I'm so impressed with the way it sounds and feels it gives me the goosebumps. Granted I don't use it like a work horse since I don't gig but I'll turn it on, crank it up and pump out some great music for about an hour when I do. The cleans, crunch's, heavy and smooth distortion I can get is wild and just moves me. I've got a EHX Tube EQ and when this is in the FX loop it can add a really nice change to the different amp models. I don't how to explain it other than "Thickens" the tone and/or EQ it however you want A big "Thanks" goes out to the guys & gals at Line 6 in Calabasis.
  9. That's cool glad there's someone else around that has some to sell. Line 6 isn't going to make anymore of them though. So ya got to get them while they got them.
  10. Right On! Saving money is high on my priority list.
  11. I think some people find that different speakers yield different tone. I also think people like to experiment. Experimentation lives in many humans. While it may be true to certain degree it's usually not enough of a difference to me. Like you said there's EQ's to utilize. I like your avatar.
  12. Ya know? One day the body just tells you to say "NO" to liftin' heavy stuff, lol.
  13. I was hoping someone would notice that comment, lol. :) Seriously though I'm looking for light amps as I get older and the DT25 would probably be perfect.
  14. Yeah, I can't understand all the hate. It's an amp and like all amps they have something the other might not, lol. I also like to play around with the drum tracks on the SJ and I got a Beat Buddy to have some fun with that. When I play many times I never have a game plan it's just me trying to have fun, lol. I also have a DT50HD/Dt25Cab, a Peavey Valveking II 20MH and a Jet City Picovalve & JCA12S+ Cab. I like them all and use them in a sort of rotation, Hahaaaa. It's fun. Thanks for the good words on my soundcloud uploads. I haven't uploaded any lately so I'm due to create a new one.
  15. Cool! Glad you found the actual part you were looking for. I just did a quick search for "Spider Jam" in the their search bar and found that item. Glad it helped ya. I like my Spider Jam too. I've been using since 2008 and have had more good times than bad with it. It's getting older though so I was thinking about getting one of the Spider V's since I'm familiar with all the amps and how to navigate it efficiently. That doesn't mean getting rid of my Spider Jam though, lol, It still looks and sounds as good as the day I bought it. I run my HD500 in studio direct mode into it's Aux input quite bit. I just turn the amp on turn it's master wide open and regulate the HD500 with it's master volume and tweak from there. Works really good for me but the amp itself can sound great on it's own. Over the years I've heard many people who put down the SJ but considering my experience I've come to the conclusion it either wasn't what they were looking for, they couldn't figure out how to use it, or the one they got was broken. Rock On!
  16. I'm not sure about that but you might be able to get a new part. Then again maybe it just needs to be cleaned out. Sometimes dirt or other debris gets under the button causing it to stick. http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/240310-Line-6-50-02-4017
  17. Uh Oh Someone's about to have some good fun. I think your going to like it. If I could get a DT25 I would but I do have DT50 so I can still have at it, lol.
  18. Sooo True! The "question" is what bothers everyone, lol.
  19. I would say storms play a good role in the outages here but the lines are more than 20 years old and still with wooden poles. Just recently I see a bunch of hurricane poles going up and they hung the old line on that too. I worked in a job shop "machine shop" and we used to make giant contact points and a million other things, I believe they were very large breakers and we used to make new ones out of solid copper every now and then so I would imagine they get old and burned up and need replacement. We also seen a lot of transformers that come in to be rebuilt. There are so many things that can cause a power outage it can boggle the mind. Even a thing like a large iguana getting stuck between the 2 poles of a transformer can cause a lightening show, lol, or a rat walking along the power lines from house to house that tries to take a rest on the top of a transformer. Seems to be getting better here although we might just be having a good streak.
  20. I believe it. I gave my nephew a Spider III 75 years ago but I used it a little with my Spider Jam and both produce a good amount of heat. I usually have small portable battery powered fan around "O2 Cool" and place that to blow along the back of them this helps scavenge some of the heat away. I never had a shutdown from over heating as far as I know. Now power outages where I'm at are common but that's another story.
  21. Cool! glad it working so far. It keeps me nice and warm in the winter sometimes, lol.
  22. Very good explanation post Palico. I like my DT50HD/DT 25 cab set up and use it all by itself most of the time even though I have an HD500. The only thing I don't like about it was it's weight, the L6 link didn't work very good for me, I had warranty issues a few times and possible tube failures leading to more outgoing money. Oh yeah, Like Palico said finding a tech to work on it might be tough. Otherwise it sounds so fantastic I put it in a class all by itself. For semi simplicity I just use the HD500 in studio direct mode or stack mode and run it into the DT's FX return. For complexity I use the 4 cable method. Even more complex I also use the HD500 as a midi controller for the DT but run the guitar into the guitar input of the HD500 so that I can use the onboard pedal to control volume, reverb, or other effects and I can also run a separate path (right analog out) with effects into the FX return of the DT while running the other path (left analog out) into the DT's preamp for some interesting wet/dry. I noticed the DT50 preamp is separate from the FX loop. I don't all FX loop amps are like this but I'm no expert. This allows me to take my Beat Buddy & KB37 and plug that into the FX loop return and just plug my guitar into the preamp for some quick fun with drums & keyboard. Most of the time I just use the DT50 alone in 25w mode 'cause there is something good to be said about simplicity.
  23. I don't know what to say except for I recommend you reinstall the latest software. I've got my Spider Jam, still use it, had it since '08 and it works great. From experience I've had to reinstall the software once after using it for a while after the last update and have not had to reinstall the software since. On the other hand, there could be a loose connection inside the chassis somewhere that is affected by vibration. Sometimes ribbon wire connections need to be unplugged and plugged back in to make a better connection. I've seen some people even hot glue the connections in order to make a more secure connection on them. Hope this helps some. If you know someone who has experience with electronics maybe you contact them and ask them for help.
  24. Thanks for sharing that. Sorry it didn't work for ya. It always sucks when this kind of thing happens.
  25. Glad ya got it working. May I ask where you got it fixed? Ooooops, sorry I see it was fixed in Wellington in one of your previous post's.
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