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  1. Hey, that answer just made me feel "this" big, LOL. I admit I neglected to check out the FAQ, Thank You. That really answered my question.
  2. One thing I've learned about sound equipment and music is I'm never done learning. So I always keep an open mind so as not to impede the learning process which is priceless, which brings me to thank everyone who participates in Line 6 forums.
  3. Thanks Phil, You've answered my question, time for me to move on to something else, LOL. I use the EHX Expression Pedal with the EHX Tube EQ and it works great for that. I was curious to see if I could use it for other applications, but now that curiosity is satisfied.
  4. Honestly I didn't know what to expect, but I did forget to assign the pedal to a function, LOL. I guess when I saw the screen changing and light flashing when the pedal was moved I didn't like that and just unplugged it and went to playing instead of fooling around with it. I'm going to try it again later, thanks for all your help with this Rewolf48. I'll let you know what happens.
  5. If I'm missing something, chime in please. Ok, I tried the Electro Harmonix Expression Pedal with the TRS cable into the HD 500 "Pedal 2" input. The only response I got was the screen would change from the "signal flow" screen to the "Amp deep edit " screen, and the pedal 2 light would go on and off respectively. Other than that nothing happened. Nothing was damaged. The only reason I tried this was out of curiosity. I think the HD 500 looks for a different kind of signal. The EX-1 Pedal from Line 6 has a potentiometer in it, it's a very simple device and it works good. Electro Harmonix Expression Pedal works good also just in a different application.
  6. The EHX Expression Pedal Output is as follows according their instructions. Is there anything I'm missing? It seems as though this device will not work directly with the HD 500.
  7. Might need to press undo before the next recording.
  8. I hear ya on the background noise while micing. Do you have an empty closet or room? That can help out a lot with the background noise issue, sometimes, LOL
  9. I've have the HD 500, X3 Pro, UX2 and like all of them. As for settings I try everything I can. Obviously there's always a standard for connecting these devices, but you really got to try for yourself. I have good results with just plugging in at the guitar input, turning the Drive up 'till it starts to distort then back it off slightly, Tone Stack to 12 O'clock, Master Volume to 12-9 O'clock, the Volume to around12 O'clock. Then with the modeler I turn the Master to 9-full open, then adjust the volume and then set up effects. Always start out with the master volume on the modeler in off position and work your way up. With everything off I plug in the left mono on the modeler into the guitar input on the amp, plug in the guitar into the guitar input on the modeler, make sure the masters are turned all the way down on both the modeler and the amp, then turn the amp on and then plug in the modeler. Everything is running now so turn the Master on the amp up to 12-9 O'clock then turn slowly turn the Master up on the modeler (I test plucking the 6th string with the guitar volume and tone knobs all the way up) 'till I get the sound I want. This is just how I do it, I never unintentional noise If you get what I mean. If you make a change while setting up a tone in the modeler and your worried it might be too loud jut turn the master down and work back up on the modeler. I hardly touch the amp adjustments other than the drive after the initial set-up. Oh, I'm in an Apartment so I never want unintentional noise, lest I become that evil guitar player in the community, LOL. ADDED: I use the "Combo Front" setting in the modeler settings and check and make sure the "Lows and Highs" are set to FLAT. When I use XLR into the Mic on the amp I use Studio Direct. When using either the AUX or Mic (XLR) inputs I always turn the volume's down (in the amp settings "Inputs Level button") and work my way up. The little switch on top the HD 500 that says 1/4" out set to AMP. Things in bold have been updated since original posting.
  10. I think your going to need to get a 1/8 to XLR. Have you tried to turn the Volume (in the settings) for the AUX input to a higher level? Exactly which Mic are you using?
  11. I'm no expert here, but now that you've tried it and know it doesn't work it's probably 'cause S/PDF just isn't compatible with anything other than a S/PDF input/output. I don't think you hurt anything by trying. I've tried hook-up's that didn't work too and just move on 'till I find what works. Just don't stop asking questions when you're not sure, you'll learn more that way. You ould use the headphones out from the Spider Jam into the UX2 monitor in, I think? There are other options I'm sure. Have you tried micing the cab using the UX2? Works great.
  12. Thanks for all that input, much appreciated. I think I have really good idea of what to expect when I finally pick out headphones.
  13. My ears are still pretty good, but may be a little off after years and constant exposure to loud unmusical environments such as "Machine Shops", "Auto Shops", and "Motorcycle Shops". That's not to mention all the "high power rifles and revolvers", "chain saws", and "lawnmowers and weedwackers" I've used, LOL. That's just what comes to mind at this moment.
  14. Are you running RCA from the spider Jam into the 1/4" line inputs on the back of the UX2? I would think "S/PDF" signal is lower than a "Line". Might work though but you may get a low volume. Might be better to run into the instrument jack in front.
  15. Thank You, that sounds like a good recommendation. I've been doing a lot of searching for headphones in the higher impedance ranges. The Original Bose AE's just seem too light duty for the signal their getting. They work great with the Spider Jam alone and iPods, iPads and iPhones.
  16. I've only monitored through the Spider Jam, Bose CineMate, and my tones sound great so I'm leaning toward the headphones needing to be higher impedance. I think what I'm doing is trying to keep the noise down in my environment by keeping the amp turned down to a comfortable level. By doing this I'm losing some of the nuances of sound I like. To compensate for that loss I crank up the X3 Pro to get those nuances to come through the amp causing the output to the headphones to be too high thus causing headphone clipping. Hope I made some sense to you, I'm trying, LOL. I guess I'm trying to find that happy balance.
  17. Thanks Silverhead, You've helped me out in past, I read many of your posts to other peoples issues, which answered questions I didn't even know how to ask, lol. My question about (sound differences from the recording) was probably vague 'cause of my inexperience . I believe you answered that as well though. Good job, Thanks Much. I was using Bose the Original AE headphones and was getting a lot of clipping so to speak. These work fine with my Spider Jam but I have a harder time getting them to work right with the X3 Pro and HD 500. Is there something I'm missing when I'm making adjustments to the levels?
  18. Which Headphones does Line 6 recommend with the HD Series? I read somewhere they should be 250 Ohm impedance. Is this right? Do headphones sound different than the recording? Can the same phones be used on the X3 Pro?
  19. Which Headphones does Line 6 recommend with the X3 Pro? I read somewhere they should be 250 Ohm impedance. Is this right? Do headphones sound different than the recording? Can the same phones be used on the HD Pods?
  20. You could try setting the Guitar Boost (in the "Guitar Gate/Boost" settings screen) to "ON" also.
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