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Auto Volume Delay And Echo Reverb Problem, Or Is It Just Me?


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Was using HD 500 Edit editing a patch with a somewhat clean Treadpate Pre with a Echo Reverb at the end of the chain. Was playing it like that and then decided to add a Auto Volume Delay before the Reverb. While setting the delay feedback to 100% and testing it the sound got stuck at 100% feedback but when I tried turning down the feedback the sound still rung out at 100% feedback so then I tried deleting the Delay and still the sound would not change I then tried to just turn off the delay and nothing happened then I tried to turn off the reverb and still no change. So then I tried sending the patch with the deleted delay to the pod and still it hasn't changed. Then I tried changing to another patch and then back and it was still stuck there in 100% feedback in the auto swell that had already been deleted.. Then I turned the Echo Reverb mix down and the sound went away turned it back up and it came back. So I think using the echo reverb with the auto volume delay with feedback set to 100% can be problematic.


I'm not an expert, but have been toying around with presets for quite a while now. My rig is an updated 32 bit Win 7 Vaio AR630E with 4gb Ram. Out of the USB near the laptops power supply and into the HD500 with current firmware and into a DT50 Head with the L6 connection with a 5 foot AES/EBU cable. and out the 4ohm tap into a Jet City JCA12S+ Cab parallel with a Line 6 DT25 Ext. Cab. 


Didn't record the sound, was playing casually. Had a really nice tone going and the rig does sound very good, IMO. I've been playing with good results for quite sometime before this happened. Was I doing something wrong? Is it a  characteristic of that combination of effects. The way I see it I should've been able to turn the effects off with the commands sent from HD Edit. I still like the devices and will continue to use them but with caution, lol. Along time ago when I was a "Grasshopper" editing a patch  with a delay dragging it to another FX block, don't know exactly what else I did in that patch but had a god awful sound happen that would not stop and got really loud fast, pulled the input plug amp in a hurry, lol.


Finally whenever I edit patches and make changes like dragging an effect or setting feedbacks or drives at higher levels, I always have the Master Volume turned all the way down and after the change I slowly turn it up with caution. I haven't blaired myself with unexpected noise in a very long time using this method.

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Update: After all of the above I think it was my fault. I reopened the patch today and found the Echo Reverb Decay at 100%. Lol Moral of the story? "It pays to step back and reflect" and the Answer to the question is "It was Me" :P

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