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Ux2 Is Buzzing On Imac, Not On Macbook Pro

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I was using the POD Studio UX2 for a while on my Macbook Pro, and this wasn't a problem at all, everything was working.
Some weeks ago I've bought a new iMac, and installed my UX2, but this isn't working. I can play, and hear everything, but everything is with a buzzing sound/cracking sound.

They told me to make the buffer size more large, this helped a bit to play music from iTunes, or just playing guitar like that. But when I record in Garageband/Logic/... its horrible.

its cracking insanely.  attached is a sample..


specs from my computer:


Processor: 3,5 Ghz Intel Core i7

Memory: 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

using mountain Lion ( OSX 10.8.5)

USB 3.0

Does anybody know what the problem is, or what other settings I will have to change, because I don't have any idea at all.


Thank you in advance

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The sound coming out of UX2 should be dead silent when working properly. When you boot computer, do not have device connected. Make sure nothing else is connected, like a mic or guitar...nothing. Boot comp, plug in UX2...then plug in mic or whatever after you make sure device is working properly.  This happens everytime for me if I leave my XLR mic plugged in...noise, static...gargling noises....not sure why....but as long as I boot the device up without the XLR mic plugged in, it works perfectly.

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