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Make variax sound 100% better repost

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II was the original poster for the make your variax sound 100% better.  I have been gone a few years from the forums .  I had a few dozen messages from people wanting help I am sorry I wasn't around to reply.  First of all this is for the wrap around hardtail bridges .  First of all I added a piece of Velcro the soft side to the head stock behind the nut, also behind the bridge saddles.  That is to help with any unwanted vibrations.   Secondly I added string through bridge to lower the amount of pressure across the saddles,  so I could lower the string height.  The sharper the angle across the bridge the more pressure it takes the fret your notes. Then finally I filed the bridge on the pickup side on the 6th string to eliminate some buzzing I had.  Hopefully this helps some of you out there.  If not sorry20190831_130842.thumb.jpg.213da78cc8f7a8b8a5aafb99d119c60c.jpg20190831_130808.thumb.jpg.cc6aee4acd22fe740c2567c493713869.jpg20190831_130853.thumb.jpg.c72a2c4cf4273662bca6f97e8d1684ae.jpg

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