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Amplifi FX100 AB&C on solid red. Not Responsive.


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Amplifi FX100 AB&C on solid red lights. Both Volume and Wah lights on solid. Bank display blanked out with no lights (no numbers displayed). Bluetooth light on solid. I have updated to 2.60.0 and tried holding down tap and volume as I power it up as well as holding down buttons A&C. I hope someone can help. I have opened a ticket with Line6.

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Ok, good information...


Some more questions:


  • Is this a newly-acquired device? 
  • Bought as new or used?
  • Have you registered it with Line 6?
  • Was it working ok prior to this?

You might have better luck talking to them on the phone rather than waiting for a response to your ticket. The problem with tickets is, they'll make a suggestion or ask for more information, which can really string things out. I've been able to have a tech on the phone, so we can exchange real-time Q & A, and was able to perform checks while he waited for the results. If you've registered your FX100, you might get a quicker response this way.


Offhand, I don't have a suggestion that goes beyond what you've already tried.


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