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new pair of powercab 112 plus


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back story: I have been gigging with Friedman Runt 50 and 1x12 friedman cab. so I bought a atomic ampli-fire box thought i would use it for recording...... using the AFB thru my studio monitors

it sounded awesome I said to myself i need this sound live....... so i got the pair of power cabs...........

plugged in the AFB does not sound any thing like the sound thru my monitors.......... did not set the input level YET........ will do that today after work...........

I think i will go get a HELIX to run to the powercabs...........


so the real question is the unit sounds so different the my monitors and the powercab......... how do you EQ the multieffects to sound good to front of house and sound good to the powercabs

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I bought a Helix Floor running ownhammer IR's to XLR outputs for FOH and digital outputs to powercab's running the speaker sims in powercabs sounds great.......

at home i send the XLR output to my studio monitors and digital to Powercab's. First gig will have to set volume levels between patches and make sure eq is good

between helix and board.........


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