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  1. I'm with gearmana I like the speaker sims from the powercabs, I have 2 1x12 plus powercabs. I dont like the frfr or IR's thru the powercabs.
  2. I was able to buy 3 25' AES/EBU cables for 60.00 bucks one to each of my powercabs and a spare for the price of one........
  3. Yes I needed to download HX Edit 2.90....... things are back to normal........ Thanks..... Chuck
  4. Made a backup of helix 2.8 before updating, did update to 2.91 I see all of my presets but all Snapshots are gone, all IRs but one are gone, did not see gen purple amp in amp list. Not sure if I should go to backup file or redo install to 2.91. When I bought the helix floor the first day I had it I updated to 2.8 really before I used it so this Is my first update with me having my own data in it. Chuck
  5. The power cab + direct out sounds great I use the speaker emulation's on the power cab and go direct out of power cab to FOH for live gigs.
  6. I have the same rig but I got a pair of Powercab plus cabs, dont know if i need 2 but I have them.......The helix is awesome,,,,,, I have not had the variax but a few weeks action was very high so i sent it to guitar tech for a setup still working on patches for the variax...... Have been giging with the Helix and PC's.... all gigs cancelled now bummer......
  7. I tried the turning on order and it did work at home, will try at saturday's gig and report back............
  8. I have been Having same Trouble with 2 Powercab Plus 1X12's, no sound from cab 2...... Have been just using one cab at gigs...... I will say one cab is loud enough but i have two to use....... My original thought was one for me and one i could aim more towards the rest of the band.........
  9. At Home I play thru my Audio Interface into my Studio Monitors. Live I play thru a PowerCab Plus.
  10. You dont need an effects loop with the power cab you put the delays and reverbs after the amp block in the helix
  11. Helix uses TS cable Not TRS cable............ at 10K ohms........
  12. is your katana the MKII version or the older one the new one has power amp in jack direct to power amp.....
  13. ok played 1st gig with Helix and powercabs......... have been using helix and PC's in my studio room for a couple of months using both PC's in Mono...... set up for the gig and second powercab did not have sound..... had 1st PC on 3 foot drum riser it was plenty loud................ The other guitarist play a marshall combo and pedalboard he had a lot of Hum on the more distorted sounds........ The Helix was clear and awesome...... pretty happy so far have another gig in 5 days will see how that on goes.....
  14. They don't call it Helix Floor for nothing !!!!!
  15. VINTAGE – Based on* the ubiquitous Celestion Vintage 30 which, despite its name, is commonly used and beloved for "modern" tones. GREEN – Based on* the Celestion Greenback speaker, typically paired with vintage Marshall® Plexi amplifiers for a signature classic rock tone. CREAM – Based on* the Celestion G12M-65, a higher powered version of the ceramic C12N with a brighter top end� JARVIS – Based on* the Jensen® P12Q, often paired with Fender® amps for great rich, full clean tones� BAYOU – Based on* the Eminence Patriot Series Swamp Thang™, which provides big aggressive bottom end with classic American tone, perfect for blues and jazz� ESSEX – Based on* the Blue Bell speakers often paired with Vox® amplifiers and Class A style amps for a "chimey" tone. HF OFF/ Natural – This is the natural sound and feel of the speaker in the Powercab with the high-frequency compression driver disabled and no EQ of any kind applied DINO – Based on* the Eminence Cannabis Rex™� Uniquely constructed with a hemp-based speaker cone material, the Cannabis Rex is described as having a smoky, smooth high-end definition, and boasts a full, clean tonality, with lots of body and sparkle LECTO – Based on* the Electro-Voice® EVM 12L. Designed for professionally precise, fully overdriven, punchy tones and brilliant cleans. They are a signature component of the classic Mesa/Boogie® sound� HERALD – Based on* the Celestion G12H(55) Heritage� Featuring a heavier magnet than the original G12M Greenback, this speaker replicates the sound of the original G12H� BROWN – Based on* the Celestion G12 EVH®. While the Greenback 20 played an essential role in the sound of Eddie Van Halen's unmistakable sound, this speaker was the based on the 60s version Greenback and used in his signature amplifier. SHADE – Based on* the Mesa/Boogie Black Shadow C90� Custom made for Mesa/Boogie by Celestion in the UK, this speaker provides a tight and controlled low end, aggressive midrange attack, and strong high-bass / low-mid punch� They are a feature in many Mesa/Boogie amps� JETSON – Based on* the Jensen C12K� The C12K is often paired with Fender® amps for great for a heavy mid and solid, straight forward, slightly darker tone� Can also present bold and heavy overdriven tones� Google is your friend use it
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