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  1. Heyas , I had the exact problem as Jlondon, its not very clear at all. I was expecting the powercabs dosplay to change to the speaker model being used, seems like it would be a simple thing to integrate no? Its good that you can see what it is by pressing in but the display isnt as nice and would be much better to not have to do that.
  2. Hi and hope you're keeping well during these mad times! I have a Helix lt and Powercab 112 plus and want to be able to store which speaker using on preset etc. Do I need the this Link cable or does any Aes/ebu cable work fpor this? The Link cable is so pricy! Thanks a mil
  3. snarfarf

    Too Boomy??

    Isn't there a switch at the back for helping with less bottom end?
  4. Heya, thanks so much for the reply, I kind of get you but not fully. I just recently got the Helix lt and Powercab 112plus together so have no pre built patches. Would you mind taking me through a step by step guide from starting from scratch whenever you have the chance? There's no info on thus stuff in the manuals of both at all and being an ocd head wanna make sure I have everythign right from the start! I havnt changed values on anything from default except 1/4 output to line level and am currently using the big volume knob up full. I'm also not very good with technical terms! You really seem to knwo your stuff from reading posts around here so help would be so much appreciated, Tom
  5. Heya Bob, what do you mean set the Lt to unity gain? And how do you do that?
  6. Hey everyone hope you're as well as can be int he current times! I am new to both Helix and Powercab so have no presets I need to work from but volume set up is confusing and reading different things in different places. I have Helix set to line level so all good there. So when starting from scratch is it best to have my Helix volume knob set to full? Thanks for the help
  7. Thanks a million for the reply! Is the plus worth it over the normal one? I think I will order one while I still have the mesa and see if I like it enough and then sell the mesa after if I do..
  8. Heyas! I got a Helix Lt about 3 weeks ago. I have a mesa boogie lonestar and so have my helix in the loop of it at the moment and just usuing the lonestars poweramp to test out the different amps. I'm loving the distorted amps through it but alot of the clean amps are just sounding very similar to the lonestar to me as I'm not getting their full charactersitcs when usuing the lonestars poweramp. So I'm just wondering what you all play yours through and why you love it and if you changed from a different set up what was it you changed from? Thanks a million!
  9. Hi everyone! Finally got an Lt this week and to say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement! Its the first effects board I've owned since the Boss Me30 about 18 years ago! I have Mesa Boogie Lonestart so have it connencted using the 4 cable method so I can use preamps from Helix and my amp. Theres so many volumes to sort out, have the master volume dial on the helix, the ouput of loop level on front of amp and send level on back of amp. Any recommendations for best setup for the amp? Consensus seems to be 12/2 o clock for dial on helix. Finding the difference in all the default amp volumes mad aswell, is there a best way to have them on some sort of level pegging? Please respond to me in as dumb language as possible and thanks so much for the help! Have attached photos of me amp also.
  10. I'm a bit confused by it all, the guitar input in the helix is a Hi Z input, why is that then?
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