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Gear Box Freezes In Windows 8


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To whom it may concern.


I just bought a new laptop. It has Windows 8 on it.. Anyway, I updated all the drivers with Line 6 Monkey. When Gear Box opens it moves a bit but it freezes without moving. I am using an old Line 6 Guitarport Rifftracker. I also use a free version of POD Farm. Should I uninstall the whole thing. Is there a hotfix for Line 6 Products? If so, please let me know. Thank you very much.


Robert Watson

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there are no hotfixes for windows 8. Line6 tends to offer cumulative updates so the latest full version of the software has all the fixes in it.

with an older interface like yours though, you might try an older version of the driver... just an idea... i've not seen this exact issue before.

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