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Switching Between Slide And Regular.

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I find that in my cover bands I have to switch between slide playing and "normal" playing quite a bit these days. Is there a device that I can use on my JTV-69s that will allow me to temporarily raise the action when I need to play slide and set it back when playing "normal". The action for "normal" playing is a bit too low for slide playing. I am constantly fretting out and it is particularly annoying when using the resonator models. I have the "normal" action set higher than I normally prefer (factory setup) but it is still too low to handle the pressure of the slide (Dunlop Pyrex) without fretting out. I know that Dunlop makes a capo/slide converter but that would mean setting up additional alternate tunings for slide in standard and all open tunings due to the loss of at least the first fret. Any suggestions?

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