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Test your ears! PodXT or AdrenaLinn? New Oct. 26th!

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I put a new song in my music website called "Very Jaded Point of View", it is the song on top. The first (low distortion) guitar you hear has panning tremolo effect; starts at 0:04. The other (distorted) guitar starts with the chorus at 0:47. One guitar has PodXT amp models and effects. The other guitar has AdrenaLinn amp models and effects. Can you tell which is which? Please tell me how you like the song and how it can be improved. Here is my link:



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OK, here are the answers: the low distortion guitar (with tremolo effect) that starts at 0:04 has AdrenaLinn amp model and effects, and the distorted guitar that starts at 0:47 is the PodXT.

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