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FBV Short MKii Need .fbv device file for Amplifi 150

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Can anyone out there point me to finding some .fbv setup up files for the Line 6 FBV Control app.  to assign control to a connected device. The file I need is for a Amplifi 150., but would love to have any others . Pretty quiet round these parts, but ya gotta go try everywhere you can to keep this stuff rolling.

Thanx for any help!

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Probably the easiest way to do this would be for some kind soul to open THE LINE 6 FBV Control app, plug in the Mkll, and take a screen shot of the app window and post it here. Then we all could have it for safe keeping. I've enclosed a screenshot of my  incorrect preset... 

IMPORTANT.... Only post the settings shot for the AMPLIFi series.

and don't change any settings in the editor before closing the app. Best to just close with no save....1326782451_Sampleofshotneeded.jpeg.c70f112d784c3e622c85ad0e947909ac.jpeg



Thanks this will really help me track down the problem....

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