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HX stomp outputs


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hi y'all!


i'm about to buy the hx stomp as a backup for my amp live but i'd need a bit of help to know if it can do what i need it to. 


i would like to use it just as an amp modeller and iR loader, insert my pedalboard into the hx loop and (here's the important part) send one output to the amp, just with the pedalboard, and the other to the mixer, with the amp and cab sound and also with the pedalboard.


i would need to split the L and R outputs into two different signals, sent one instrument level to the amp and the other to a D.I. box and into the mixer at mic level.


i'm guessing most people use it this way but i tried for a couple of hours with a friend's of mine and i couldn't split the signal Left and Right... 




Thanks for the help ;)

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The crazier the setup, the harder you'll be taxing the Stomp's 6 block limit. 


Still, I do think what you're trying to do can be done with some creative hard panning. Here's the key ingredients:


Blocks Needed:


Amp Block; Separate IR Block; FX Send/Return block. I have to stress, without knowing what's on your pedal board it's hard for me to know the best place to stick the FX send and return. So it might take tweaking from the below. 


Signal Chain:


Amp Block >>>> FX Send/Return Block >>>>>> Split Paths to A and B >>>> Hard pan left channel to path A and right channel to path B >>>>> IR Block on Path A >>>>>> Dummy block (like an EQ block or something) on Path B >>>> Re-merge paths but keep them hard panned left and right. 


Doing this your left channel output should then be connected to the mixer.


Your right channel output should go to your amp. 



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