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Silence - Amp Thinks Headphones Are Plugged In, They Are Not !


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My Spider Jam is just over 1 year old, its been great so far, but today it thinks there are headphones plugged in, so absolutely no output from the speakers. I've done a factory reset, checked all the levels and tried every which way to resolve it but no joy, its not the guitars or leads as everything works fine with the Fender and Roland amps. I tried phoning the helpline, but was on hold for ages, i raised support ticket, just wondered if anyone has any ideas?


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Absolutely nothing, here is the odd thing i noticed, if i plug something into Aux, guitar or pedal the amp display recognises it and flashes up a quick message, plug in headphones and it does not register a thing. No sound in headphones when plugged in either. So i pulled out the chassis to check connections from ribbon cables and everything, it looks fine everything is tight and in the right place, nothing chafing,or loose. 

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