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Video comparing miked PC+ vs. PC+ DI output vs. Helix output


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Apologies if this has already been posted but thought this was an interesting video comparing a miked PC+ to the output from the DI on the back of the PC+ to the output from the Helix. Also has a comparison between a PA speaker(FRFR) and the PC+ and some commentary on feel and sustain. Great video overall but not sure if everything was represented properly on the clips featuring the direct PC+ output and the Helix output. To my ears the miked PC+ sounded consistently superior to the direct output from the back of the PC+ or the Helix. The PC+ and Helix direct out sounded clipped and less musical and full. That is the problem with so many of these videos. You can't be sure you are really hearing apples to apples comparisons between miked and fully digital sounds because there are so many variables to account for when setting up the parameters for a strictly digital output signal - no physical microphone - and then having to effectively record it to video.



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