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Amplifi TT driver causing BSOD Win 10


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I've tried 1.77 and 1.91 desktop driver installations and as soon as I'm prompted to plug in the usb cable to the amplifi, I immediately experience a  blue screen with error service_exception_error.  I have  browsed the forums and google for a fix to no end all night and cant seem to come up with a solution. 


Uninstalling and reinstalling didnt work neither did a clean win 10 install on a separate ssd and Im not even going to attempt these drivers on my linux box so I am not entirely sure where to go from here.


OS is up to date along with the gpu and chipset drivers..pretty much every driver is up to date since this system is doubled down as a gaming rig that  I just wanted to fool with my guitar at my desk with the amplifi as my audio interface.


Asus rog b450

amd ryzen 1600

16gbs ram

rx580 gpu

if any of the hardware matters


My old pod hd500x never had an issue with monkey or any other installations but once you plug the amplifi in via usb its an instant bsod that if left plugged in will just keep a rolling restart of bsod's until I unplug the unit.  Also windows does not recognize the unit in device manager if I dont have the driver half way installed.  I have updated the amplifi remotely to the latest version via bluetooth and it works as expected just hooked up to monitors so I'm stumped.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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