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Could Controlling Midi On Mkii 212 & Fbv Fry My Guitars Internals?

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I was connecting my FBV Mkii Shortboard to my MacBook and while my guitar & FBV was plugged into my Spider Valve Mkii 212. I loaded a new bundle and my guitar started humming really loud, like from a bad ground. I plugged my guitar into another amp (my Mkii 112) and the hum is there too, so something happened to my guitar. The guitar is new (only 3 weeks old). The guitar is covered and will be repaired however I want to understand what happened as to not cause any damage to another guitar. 


I admit that I am new to MIDI control and green on the subject.



Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V 

FBV Mkii Shortboard

Spider Valve Mkii 212


All new within the last 3 weeks

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No, that could not happen.  Note that using the FBV way you describe is not MIDI.  MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface.   The FBV, the way you had it hooked up is just a communication device between the software (Spider Monkey, Edit, etc) and the amp.

If your guitar makes a loud buzzing or humming sound when plugged into any amp (note: try different power outlets, as it could be a power supply problem) then it may have an internal grounding/shielding issue.  If the amplifier had somehow delivered a high voltage or current spike to your guitar, it might have damaged the pickups, but there is no real way for this to happen unless something was not hooked up correctly (for example, if you plugged your guitar into the speaker output jack).


I'm not familiar with the Spider Valve series - you posted this in the Spider IV area of the forum - but assume the Spider MkII has tone-edting available like the Spider IV series?

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