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Relay G90, poor performance and updating


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Hey gang,


First and foremost, I am not a Line 6 hater. Everything I own is Line 6 save my bass. The Line 6 Relay G90 is by far, the worst wireless unit I have ever used. I have owned this unit and two transmitters for well over a year and there hasn't been one show or concert where I didn't have drop out issues. I have actually had to switch to a chord in the middle of a very expensive 4K video shoot. I have my receiver in line of sight waist high. I have the front antenna on and have even purchased the optional powered paddle antenna that are on a mount on a stand about waist high. No matter the venue or concert hall, I can't have a performance without an issue and that's using a total of four antenna. Yes the batteries are fresh. Yes, I am within line of sight. I just cant win with this unit. I tried it on RF1 and RF2 and no difference. I do have the 14 channels available but there may have been a firmware update. Does anyone know what version we're on? Also, using another wireless receiver to provide a firmware update to the G90 receiver is the worst part of this whole thing. I think it's time to switch manufacturers on my wireless unit after all this money I have already spent. What a shame.

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Interesting. I have 2 G90 receivers and both have worked with no issues for years. Both of my TBP12 transmitters are old, and therefore old firmware, which I think means they're both on RF1. The only suggestion that I have to offer is to use the scan function on the G90 receiver to pick a clear channel. Sorry, that's probably not much help, I just wanted to chime in and provide my experience.


Good luck,



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