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Newbie finding his way around the forum...

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Hi folks,

It's high time that I got kicked off on this forum, if I'm in the wrong spot for my topic, mods and seasoned members please advise. Anyway, I got myself a used Spider IV 75 in mint condition from eBay, and the fbv 11 expression pedal for my birthday...sorted. been playing around with it, and have only just sussed that I can overwrite the preset, being as you can tweak them to your own personal settings and save them. All good, so my question to the forum collective is this:

Is it possible to obtain new patches to dial  in manually, as my ancient laptop has bitten the dust as far as downloading is concerned. I had a few dial-your -own tone diagrams in the bumff that came with the amp, and they worked great. More please! How do I find them?

Can you help???



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Welcome to the Line 6 family.  I've always just played around with settings to make tones that I like, rather than use those others have created. Often I will start with one of the song/artist presets, then adjust to my own liking.  Downloadable tones are available in the CustomTone section of this Line 6 site, but not charts showing manually-done settings.

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Thanks fflbrgst.

That's exactly how I've been going. BUT....

Been trawling and trawling through the line six stuff on my phone tonight for ages, and hit the jackpot. I downloaded pdf files on phone that had shedloads of new tones in chart form manually inputted settings...yay!

Unfortunately my brain is now so overheated from all my attempts that I can't quite fathom how I achieved this small triumph, so to share this breakthrough with you is a no no just now. Give me a good night's kip, and I'll be on the case tomorrow, and if you're interested I'll explain how I got there. Failing that I could post you screenshots of the diagrams. Thanks again for the welcome.



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