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Putting a right angle connector on a DC-3G power supply


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Hello Everyone,


I am considering ways of powering my HX Stomp and was wondering if anyone has put a right angle connector onto the Line 6 DC-3G? If so, could you give me some pointers? I have a Pedal Power 2, I am about to get a Truetone CS7 and was going to use the power supply as to not take up 2 power outputs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello , Everyone also, Different boat - same river as Josh.  

I have just one other smaller looper ( Donner circle looper ) (small, Cheap and does what I need ),  I am hoping to use the DC-3G stock power supply to power both.  I have tried 2 different splitters before I noticed that it was Line -6 that used a larger center pin.   so, has anyone found a 9v splitter that fits both the HX-Stomp and a standard 9v pedal?   note: the hx-stomps stock  DC-3G  power supply works with the smaller center pin of my other pedals.



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