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  1. Well, I'm underwhelmed with the responses I've fixed the issue now so in case anyone else has the same problem, I disabled verifier.exe in Windows 10 so the line 6 drivers can load a startup. Not really a solution but a workaround at least
  2. gk001

    Windows 10 Helix drivers - not working

    There are issues with other Line 6 drivers and latest Windows 10 version here, could be related http://line6.com/support/topic/25115-constant-bsod-with-line6-drivers/?p=241920 Hope you find a solution
  3. I'm getting similar problems on a brand new Windows 10 HP Pavillion Desktop with Cubase 9.5 I have a Line 6 SonicPort VX and Pod X3 Live Windows 10 is on latest version When trying to install drivers for either of the Line 6 devices (using the correct install process in the Driver installer exe), Windows bluescreens with Line 6 Driver error messages eg Stop code: DRIVER_VERIFIER_IOMANAGER_VIOLATION What failed: l6SonicPortVX_AvsFilter.sys I then have to disconnect USB for the reboot and reconnect, sometimes it bluescreens again, sometimes I can run Cubase for a while before reboot. This appears to be a Line 6 problem with the latest Creators update to Win 10 my other USB interfaces are fine. Has anyone found any workarounds and can Line 6 comment on this
  4. Update Sonic Port VX is working with no issues on iPhone 7 and above Apps
  5. Mine is charging fine with various iOS devices
  6. Hi All For info, if anyone's contemplating upgrading Both my iPad Air & iPhone 5s are working fine with Sonic Port VX and iOS 10 Tested with the following with no issues Mobile POD Garageband Cubasis Polytune 4Track Sonoma Guitar Tone Music Memos Skype Will test with iPhone 7 and update as soon as it arrives...