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  1. I use Helix Floor with Jamorigins MIDI guitar via USB to iPhone or PC, I posted some info here that may help you
  2. It should work fine, I use a Bose Soundlink Mini connected to my Helix and it sounds great at home with the Stanmore I’d use the Helix line outs to the stereo rca in and keep it at line level
  3. If anyone from Line 6 happens to read this, I’d love the option of a dark mode on the forums. This is one of the few forums I use that is bright white, please give us a dark option like TGP and many others so it doesn’t hurt so much reading at night Don’t know where to post this so putting here
  4. Have a read of this There’s a preset to download on that page too that may be f use
  5. Make sure you don’t plug the mic in or unplug it with phantom power on, there have been reports of damage by doing that I always turn off phantom power before changing the mic and have had no issues this way
  6. It’s easy to make one if you have a soldering iron or there are loads of 9v power cord splitter adaptors on a Google search, I can’t help with pin size as I have Helix floor so no connector that I can measure Depending on where you are for delivery, have a look here
  7. I setup a preset with a y split to either send through amp sim to 1/4"/XLR outs or when engaged directly to USB via a compressor, the sound is then returned via USB out through the Helix In Jam Origin, make sure you have the mix set to fully clockwise so it's just the synth sound with no guitar I can then assign a footswitch to the y split and switch between guitar and synth by having the y split assigned to a switch in Stomp mode in the Helix patch I have the Helix setup as a MIDI controller in Jam Origin's MIDI interface section I can then setup footswitches in Helix Stomp mode to change the patches in Jam Origin and change the Helix Scribble strips to show what sound/patch they will recall Jam origin is set to to scan my VST folder so has access to all plugins to save as patches for recall If you have a DAW then you can just use Jam Origin as a VST plugin and assign the sounds via a DAW If you have an iPhone, you can run Jam Origin straight to the phone and back via USB (with Apple Camera Connection kit) without a computer for live and jam sessions, great fun and totally minimal Here's a link to a brilliant video for setting up with iPhone from a user on TGP Hope this helps
  8. Thanks @Digital_Igloo and everyone at Line 6, delighted to see another Helix update Looking forward to playing with it in the morning :)
  9. Try @rd2rk's suggestion here 48v into send/return by mistake. Will it damage? - Helix - Line 6 Community This was for a Helix with a screen problem so worth a try, it solved the screen issue in this thread "If the screen is still black after a couple of reboots, use HX Edit to do a backup, then do a Factory Reset by booting while holding FS 9+10." You still haven't mentioned what the drink was and if the inside has been checked now, soft drinks, beer, etc will dry and leave deposits on electrics that can cause issues and really need to be cleaned off, I'd suggest that the advice above is only carried out when you're happy that the inside is free of any liquid deposits/residue
  10. A standard way to dry out electrical things is to seal it in a plastic storage box/bag with uncooked rice (sit the Helix on top of the rice to avoid getting it inside) for a few days and the rice will absorb any moisture The important question is what was the drink? If it's water then process above will remove it If it's something else then you may need to clean off the interior and boards to prevent any corrosion on the boards, I use an alcohol based cleaning spray for boards and contacts for things like this Make sure you keep the Helix turned off until you've confirmed it's clean and dry as sugary drink spills can arc across the tracks and kill the board when powered up I have the full Helix rather than the LT so can't advise on opening it, I could only find this for full Helix Helix Pedal Maintenance Procedure - HELIX/HX - Line 6 Community Just found this for LT, hope it helps, looks like screws on the sides as well for the LT How to Repair a Line 6 Helix Expression Pedal - YouTube
  11. Thanks Line 6 Another easy and painless upgrade and some great new delays & reverbs
  12. How about something like this to give you additional MIDI ports The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru is a 1 in 4 out MIDI Thru Box. All MIDI messages appearing at the input are sent to all four Thru outputs. Active circuitry cleans up any skewing of MIDI data bits that has occurred at the input, ensuring reliable operation in setups that require daisy chaining or long cable runs. The Quadra Thru is MIDI powered, and requires no batteries or power supply to operate with most MIDI products (see FAQs - Power and FAQs - LED for more information). A MIDI indicator LED lights up when the product is powered and flashes when MIDI data passes through it.
  13. gk001

    128 IRs

    Line 6 do give you some free IRs you can get the Allure pack here
  14. I’ve used a lot of amps and effects over the years, here’s my favs For a long time I ran a Boss GT5 into a Marshall 30th Anniversary stack The Marshall is MIDI controllable so this was controlled by the Boss My guitars had MIDI pickups on them and this fed a Roland Guitar Synth into a small PA, speakers either side of the Marshal for live the Boss controlled everything so 1 pedal tap changed me from guitar to sax/strings/organ Great sounds, way heavy and laborious setup and strike rig at gigs I then changed the Boss to a Pod XT then HD500x and ran this for several years I’m currently running all guitars through a Helix Floor into Jam Origins MIDI Guitar (brilliant) running on an old iPhone through USB to camera connection kit, Helix controls all synth sounds for live This goes straight into Alto powered FRFR (need 2nd one for stereo now ;) ) This setup is so easy to use and sounds brilliant, consistent and one trip in and out for gigs (remember them) For synth sounds Helix mutes guitar to main outs and routs clean compressed guitar to iPhone In studio I use the Jam Origins MIDI Guitar VST plugin - better than hardware converter If anyone wants to setup Helix with Jam Origins MIDI Giutar on iOS for live there’s a brilliant YouTube video that helped me figure it out - thank you Marc
  15. Check the free acoustic IR database, loads to experiment with at no cost Great site
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