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HX Stomp: Bad Laptop Audio Quality w/ Headphones


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Hello everyone,


I am having some trouble with getting the USB audio from my laptop to the stomp to sound on par with plugging in headphones directly to the laptop.


The guitar tone is not the problem at all, but it is the actual audio from the laptop when play I music from any Music Player.


There is a noticeable difference when I compare plugging in my headphones directly into the laptop to plugging it into the HX stomp's headphone output while connected to the laptop. The audio quality seems to worsen when listening through the HX stomp. I'm trying to learn some guitar parts for a gig, but every time I listen through the HX stomp when connected to my laptop, the audio quality just diminishes and the guitar parts get lost in the mix. However, when I connect my headphones directly into the laptop, everything is much clearer.


I have even tested connecting my Boss Katana Amp to the laptop and listening through the headphone output and it sound on par with connecting my headphones directly into the laptop. So I know that it isn't the headphones or the adapter but something to do with the stomp itself. 


Does anyone have a solution to this? Any help would be much appreciated.


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