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Unwanted high frequency at high Vol.

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Hi guys, 

Having immense fun with my used Spider75 with FBV II.

That is until I bang the volume up. When proper loud it grows as tinny as hell. I know this is a trait of digital amps, but my question is this:-

Is it possible to attenuate the sound from the tweeter, and knock it back a bit. Even if using my own pedals through the clean channel as the well as all of the presets. Could I dampen 'ole tweety-pie completely inside the cab with strategically placed cloth/foam or something?





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There is no 'tweeter' on a Spider IV 75, it is a full-frequency speaker.  Guessing what you are hearing is the usual digital fizziness.  EQ will help - the treble knob, and an EQ pedal in your chain might help some.

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Thanks, I thought it may be similar to the spider V, which has an adjustable tweeter, but fixed.

I can reduce the trebel and increase the bass controls no probs, and get a more tube-like grunt. Unfortunately, when I shift presets back and forth the settings revert back to the tin-smith whacking away at his anvil. Thanks for the advice on lining in an eq. I happen to have a Beringer eq 700 in my box of tricks. Time to put it to work. Out of curiosity...if I used the line out into another cab, not full range, how many watts would the speaker need to be to handle the the output?

Thanks again for your advice.

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