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Video Of Song Joke From New Guitar Album Fantasia Just Released


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Hi everybody,

I have a new video on line of the song JOKE,  a tune from my new album FANTASIA just
realeased in early January 2014 by italian label SG Records:

Hope you like it!
More info here:

Have a great musical day!
Daniele Liverani
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Thanks a lot!! Appreciate your feedback.

Yes, Joke is a bit more song oriented, easy to listen type of song :)


By the way I have anther vid available, song Unbreakable.



A bit more fast, but still melodic hopefully! :)


Again a video recorded with lin6 Pod Xt Pro 



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It's a Washburn EC29, 29 frets... :)



Here's a video of ballad "Peacefully" from new album "Fantasia".
It's probably the most melodic song of the album, would love to have 
your opinion on this:
Thanks for watching, have great day!
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well my opinion is, albeit i'm practically deaf in the mid and upper register frequencies, i can still hear them; i had to increase the mids for your solo to come through the mix. i believe the solo has to be more up front. i didn't have this difficulty in your previous recordings.  maybe it's just me. i like the intro very much. and the couple of times you plucked a note and slid back up the neck was cool as hell. the arpeggio sequence is really tasteful, not just hundreds of notes strung together. one of these days i'm gonna learn to do them. excellent piece. B)   

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