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New "Check for Updates" button


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Just a quick informational message. In addition to the "Check for Updates" text that was showing up at the bottom of the screen as of HX Edit 2.9* you can now also click on the icon with the version number at the bottom middle of the screen and it will bring up a menu that includes a "Check for Updates" button that will allow you to check for firmware/software updates.


Great to see updates become a more dynamic process that will allow Line6 to not only inform every user with a message in HX Edit that there is a new update available but also ensure users have a version of HX Edit that matches their firmware. Automatic creation of a backup as part of the process beforehand will absolutely help to minimize or eliminate data loss in the event of a problem with the update. The 2.9* version of HX Edit constitutes a major change for the better to the way updates are executed on the HX family. Bravo!

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