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Expression pedal 2 question

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Hi all. I'm trying to create my first patch using the bender effect. I'm using an external expression pedal so that i can have wah and volume on the onboard pedal, and the fx tweak on pedal 2. I've assigned the fx tweak to the position slider, heel to 0 and toe to +24 so that i should be able to go up two octaves and back down to fretted note throught full travel of the pedal. However I'm finding that at the heel position the note is not returning to 0 and stays quite a way higher than 0. I've tried all sorts of things but can't seem to figure this out. Anyone got any ideas? Greatly appreciated.

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Okay so I've managed to resolve this, it turns out that my external expression pedal (not a line 6 pedal) was not functioning as it should. I have since replaced with a line 6 ex-1 and it now works great. 


For those who might be interested, this is the method for setting up and assigning the external expression pedal:

1) connect the pedal to the pedal 2 input

2) set a patch on which you want to set the external pedal

3) on the app, select the block to which you wish to assign fx tweak on the external pedal. 

4) long-press on the parameter to which you want to assign the tweak

5) select yes on "assign to pedal"

6) set the levels on the parameter you want to tweak (eg. On bender block, you could set position from 0% to 100% depending on the starting level to want to set)

7) the slider can be used to set the necessary travel on the pedal to achieve the full tweak of the parameter set in step 6

8) once set up to taste, save to the firehawk fx and enjoy :)

9) note that external pedal will always need to be connected for the patch to work properly. If it is disconnected, the tweak parameter will be assigned to the onboard pedal and this can get confusing 

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