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Need help recreating old Pod 2.0 sound

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This is a question for anyone who owns or has owned a Pod 2.0. I hope this is the right section, maybe the Helix section too but I don't want to doublepost.

I haven't made hi gain music for maybe 10 years and back then I used a Pod 2.0. Mostly I used the amp "Line 6 Drive" for hi gain stuff, which I had made a post FX plugin preset for that I still today think sounds great. I lost the Pod in a fire last year and in Sweden it's rare to find second hand units nowadays. I have tried various amp sims but my hearing is bad and I just can't get anything that sound how I want it to. I can't sit for very long sessions before my ears get "tired" and when I think I've managed to make something that sounds good I compare it to my old material and realize that it just sucks.


So I thought that maybe the best solution is to use Line 6 software that is the closest to the original sound, but I don't know where to start.

According to the manual the "Line 6 Drive" amp on the Pod 2.0 is based on "Line 6 Industrial Strength Overdrive" but I can't find any information about what this is. Afaik Line 6 didn't produce any physical amps when the Pod 2.0 was released, so what does this mean?

I'm open to most solutions, except buying a real amp. I can run plugins on my PC or on my iPad. For hi-gain music I use a Variax with a Les Paul emulation and the bridge pickup.


Thanks in advance!

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