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  1. Hi! I saw this thread a couple of days ago when doing research whether the new USB interface (the black one) would work with my Variax 500, which is older than the 600. I just wanted to be a good internet citizen and tell you that it does! I was a bit worried after reading this thread but one review at Thomann said it worked with his 500 so I took a chance. So it must either be your Variax that is faulty or something else. You said you had tried several laptops with different operating systems. I got it working with Windows 10 64-bit, however it runs in a Virtual Machine using VMWare because I don't want to install Java on the host operating system (also Windows 10). Like you I downloaded the 32-bit version of WB and Java Runtime Environment (you can use a later JRE than the v.6 that WB tells you to install, I used 8) and it worked immediately. You don't mention if you have tried a different ethernet cable but I don't think that's the problem, but maybe try anyway. Supposedly any cat5 that isn't crosslinked should work but I'm not 100% certain and I don't dare to try myself. The main reason I got WB is to do drop D digitally to maintain tension and better intonation, but wow it is so weird to play. You hear D from the signal in the speakers but "feel" the vibration from E in your body, even with headphones. It sounds good though and the intonation is so much better when tuning in E. Intonating the low E tuned down to D was almost impossible. Getting the 12th fret and open string in tune was fine but all the lower frets was awfully out of tune.
  2. Hi! This is a question for anyone who owns or has owned a Pod 2.0. I hope this is the right section, maybe the Helix section too but I don't want to doublepost. I haven't made hi gain music for maybe 10 years and back then I used a Pod 2.0. Mostly I used the amp "Line 6 Drive" for hi gain stuff, which I had made a post FX plugin preset for that I still today think sounds great. I lost the Pod in a fire last year and in Sweden it's rare to find second hand units nowadays. I have tried various amp sims but my hearing is bad and I just can't get anything that sound how I want it to. I can't sit for very long sessions before my ears get "tired" and when I think I've managed to make something that sounds good I compare it to my old material and realize that it just sucks. So I thought that maybe the best solution is to use Line 6 software that is the closest to the original sound, but I don't know where to start. According to the manual the "Line 6 Drive" amp on the Pod 2.0 is based on "Line 6 Industrial Strength Overdrive" but I can't find any information about what this is. Afaik Line 6 didn't produce any physical amps when the Pod 2.0 was released, so what does this mean? I'm open to most solutions, except buying a real amp. I can run plugins on my PC or on my iPad. For hi-gain music I use a Variax with a Les Paul emulation and the bridge pickup. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello! I did a search but nothing showed up. Not even the externally powered UX8 had it. Is it not possible power wise to sustain a Variax through USB through a soundcard? It would be really neat not relying on batteries and only have to bring your variax, a laptop and an interface, especially a small one like the GX. Have a nice day!
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