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Hi Guys!


I have a JM4 Lopper, It is a great fun playing with it. Although I have quite of a problem.


After saving a recording onto the SD Card by the looper and then transferred it to my laptop I have found that when I convert the file extension from .JAM to .WAV I have no drum as a backing track. Basically it seems like the looper did not include the drum on the recording when saving it on the SD Card. I don't know if the drum gets lost when converting the file or it is basically never been included in the recording. When I say the drum I am referring to the ones built in the looper that we can play on top.


Also when I try to save the recording directly from the looper as .WAV to the SD Card it said "SD-CARD write error"


Is there a way to fix this problem? 


Thank you in advance!



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