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New User: How do I switch banks?


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9 hours ago, rkurbis said:

Is there any way to change banks with just the amp?

Hi rkurbis,


I have the 150 as well and unfortunately there isn't a way to switch banks without using either the app or an FBV control pedal. It is a bit of a shame. I have a FBV Shortboard MKII to use with my amp when performing and practicing, however I have used the app before too when I haven't had the pedal. I have found the app to be less reliable, especially in a venue with lots of wireless data transfer like the performing arts centre.


On another note, I have read some articles relating to people custom-building pedals for the spider and Amplifi to change banks or toggle effects. They experimented with which ethernet wires receive what voltages when each button is pressed and custom-build a circuit that does what they want. If you are tech savvy and want a project, I am sure that someone has released the logic diagrams for the Shortboard pedals. Otherwise, it might be better to buy a Shortboard pedal.


I hope this is at least somewhat helpful!

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I know that 4 presets isn't enough, but I learned that saving your 4 favorite presets in bank 1 on the Amplifi, will make these the defaults that load each time you turn your amp on.  That way, you don't need to switch banks.  Just use your favorite 4 presets and maybe tweak them when necessary.  You can switch between them on the top of the amp, without any pedals or phone, etc.  Hope this helps.

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