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  1. RileyVallance19

    Firmware Image - 4 leds are on and BT led dim

    Hi. My Amplifi 150 had the same problem. I managed to fix mine (accidentally) by booting the amp without an SD card installed. Then when I booted it again with the SD it worked fine and has done so ever since. I tried to check what was on my SD but they're in a file format unreadable for a Windows PC. I am not sure you'll be able to copy the files from someone else's card because they'll not be able to see them on their PC.
  2. RileyVallance19

    Is the Amplifi Dead?

    Hi Yitz, I have had a couple of issues with my Amplifi 150 and it's been for repairs twice, including a new power supply being installed, but it hasn't given me troubles since. I considered buying maybe a spider if it wasn't reliable. After it went out of warranty it one day did the random shutdown thing, so I dismantled it and removed the firmware card. I then cleaned the slot and put it back together, and it didn't boot. (dammit) But then I realised I hadn't put the card back in. I pulled the back off again and reinstalled the card and it has worked like a dream ever since. It hasn't played up in nearly a year. I really like my Amplifi and its tone modelling, even if it was trouble in the beginning, and I would like to hope it continues to serve me for the next 5 or 10 years. I hope you get one, and that it works without a hitch for you.
  3. RileyVallance19

    Warning about the Amplifi series

    I had the main PCB replaced in my Amplifi 150 when it was in warranty and I haven't had a problem with it since. Well, it was having a weird reboot cycle problem where it would just stop when you started playing something, but I opened it up as it was out of warranty, removed the sd card with the firmware on it, booted the amp, turned it off, and reinserted the sd. It hasn't played up since.
  4. RileyVallance19

    Line 6 Updater not working properly!

    I had trouble originally when I got my AMPLIFi 150. I just had to register it to my L6 account and it worked fine from then on.
  5. RileyVallance19

    Amplifi 150 (Dim Lights + Factory Reset Not Working)

    Mine too. Sometimes I'll be half way through a song and it'll cut out and display the tone and Bluetooth lights dimly, the only way to fix it is to reboot it. I've had it sent away to be fixed twice, first time the problem was diagnosed as a power supply failure (New power supply installed, problem not solved), second time the yamaha servicing centre owner played it every day for 4 weeks and couldn't get it to play up. I have been trying to film it happen, but it seems that every time I have the camera rolling it doesn't play up. I'm very disappointed, as this issue has been occurring for 10 of the 12 months I have owned the amp. My warranty is going to run out soon, but I can't get the problem fixed if there "isn't a problem." Please help...
  6. RileyVallance19

    Using Line 6 Amplifi with POD HD500x

    Hi Everybody, I picked up a POD HD500x yesterday and immediately started using it with my Amplifi 150. I started using the looper, but one of the things that annoyed me a bit was that I couldn't use the Amplifi effects on separate loops of the looper. This morning I started experimenting with leads with the aim to get effects from Guitar->Relay G10->Amplifi->POD->Amplifi. I tried using Amplifi guitar in -> Amplifi Headphones out -> POD Guitar in -> POD Headphones out -> Amplifi AUX in, But I didn't receive a signal. I Think this is because I'm using the Amplifi's Headphones out, meaning the signal is looping round and round forever, but never reaching the speaker. Could I change the signal path to go to the POD first, then the Amp, then the pod, then the amp again? What else could I try? The POD has L6 link, USB-B, Midi In and out/thru, S/PDIF out, Variax, FX Send, FX Return L and R, Mic In, AUX in, Phones Out, XLR out L and R, 1/4" Out Land R, CD/Mp3 in, Guitar in and pedal 2. The Amplifi has Guitar in, Headphones out, AUX in, FBV Pedal and USB. My G10 has both balanced and unbalanced outs plus USB. Thanks for your help!