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My pod hd 500 doesn't connect with pc.


The PC don't recognize the device.


Should I reset the device or the USB port doesn't work?


Ho I can reset the device?


Please help me.

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Hi Antonio, if you had posted your questions in the forum specifically dedicated to the HD series you would have already received some answers.

First check that the USB port of the POD is not broken, if it is good it looks like this (with the rectangle in the middle),





if it is broken it looks like this ..



If the USB port (and perhaps also the internal USB chip cotroller) is broken, it must be replaced, without it the connection with the computer is not possible.

The complete reset of the device is done by installing the firmware (for which a working USB is required, there is no other way around) and the subsequent Global Reset procedure (which initializes all the global settings to the factory default values).

Consider also that if you use a Mac or Windows 10 pc there may be some difficulties in installing correctly the driver that is necessary for the recognition of the device, if this is the case I suggest to do some research about your OS in this forum to find the solution. In any case if when you connect the POD, the computer does not show any signs (sounds and/or notifications of some type) it means that either the USB cable or the USB port of the POD are broken.

Generally it would be better not to use the computer's USB 3 ports with the POD, USB 2.0 is perfectly fine. USB hubs should also be avoided.



All about POD HD500/X

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