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I Can't Believe This


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  I really can't believe this





Edited::: After almost two days I've been able to restore my DAW PC..


I'm done fighting Pod Go and the editor. I'm tired of getting disconnected every 2 seconds


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I need to preface this by saying I've been a Line 6 user since the original bean... I've owned more Line6 gear than I can remember.. I still use the UX2, Variax 700,, JTV 89F, Helix rack and others in storage I'm sure I've forgotten..


This is the most frustrating pc of hardware I've tried to integrate into my studio in a long long time..


Not ready for prime time..


I had enough problems with my Helix Rack unit to where I had to send it in to be serviced.. This however is a completely different level of effed up..


BTW Line 6,, your support center is not open until 4pm PST.. You close at 3:00 after an hour of lunch from 12-1:00pm

Might want to change that on your support link... That matters to east coasters  ;) 


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