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Connect Tones With Songs ?

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Hi !


I like playing to Backing tracks . So I have a lot of them in my itunes library.


The Amplfi App always loads one random Tone to a Track.


How can I connect a Tone ( self created or downloaded ) to a song and store this connection ?


Greetings from Germany



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I'm pretty sure this works...


On the "now playing" screen, you have the player controls at the top and the suggested tone matches at the bottom. On the left side of each suggested tone match is the "devil horns" logo. Tap the logo, which adds it to your favorites, and will now bring up that tone whenever you play that song.


I have the iPhone app. Hope this helps.

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Yes that helped !


But it seems that only one Favorite Tone is possible ?


So how can I switch from Rhythm Part to Solo ?


And how can I put my Self programmed Tones in that ? Seems that only the suggested Tones from the Cloud are possible

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OPERATING TIP: If you wish to use more than one tone setting for a song, I suggest saving them in My Tones (rather than as Favorites).  From the My Tones section, you can pick and switch to the tones you want while playing with your Play-Along tracks.


Here's how to do it.


When you play a song and Amplifi app loads a random tone to your track, you can save the tone as-is (if you like it), or edit the track to your liking and then save the track. (Personally, if I decide to use a tone as-is, I change the name to something more meaningful to me. For example I changed a "Sultan of Swing" tone to "Mark Knopfler" because I prefer to think of sounds by guitarists rather than specific songs.)


To save the track, click on "Save Info" at bottom of the screen. If you've edited the track or simply want to change the name, click on it's current name and change it to something meaningful to you (like Play-Along Rhythm 1), and then click "Save" in the upper left hand corner. A tab will pop up; select "Save to My Tones". 


You can then pull up another tone (or the the one you just saved in My Tones) and edit it to your liking for a solo tone and again save it in My Tones with a meaningful name such as Play-Along Solo 1. 


Now go back to the main page, open the My Tones section and pick the tones you've saved, switching between solo and rhythm. (You will need to switch by hand between the tones.)


BTW, Sandman's suggestion about Favorites is right-on, but I prefer My Tones and here's why. I find using the Favorites section annoying because I can't find an effective way to delete a tone without having to go back to the song where I initially selected the tone, and then de-selecting it from there.  It doesn't take long before I have more favorite tones than I care for and it's nearly impossible to remember every song from which I ever marked a favorite tone. If someone knows a better way to eliminate a "favorite" track, I'd like to know how.  But for now and for effective "house-keeping" of tones, I prefer to use the My Tones section. In the My Tones section, there is an edit function that lets me delete the tones when I wish to remove them.


Also, on another note: I personally don't like the app to automatically load the suggested tone since many times the tone volume levels are way too hot or way too low. Additionally, if the auto-load tone tone isn't as good as the tone I was already using, I have to back-track to My Tones and reload my perferred tone.  The good news is I can go to Settings from the Main Page and turn off the Auto Tone Loading.  While the app will still suggest a tone for me, but it won't load it until I click on it. I prefer having this choice.


Anyway, I hope some of this is helpful.  AE

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Ah Ha! So THAT'S how you can delete favorites! Just for the record, I do tone switching the same way as AE does - by using My Tones. The inability to easily delete favorites has had me stumped for a while. Of course there's no way I can remember which song I selected the favorite for so I'm still basically unable to delete it, but at least I now know it can be done. Same here - if anyone knows a simpler way to delete Favorites, I'm all ears. Thanks guys.

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