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using command center to have looper control in preset - switches not responding


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Hi - 


very happy to be able to put looper controls into a preset using command center!


i used it at gig and went well, but realized i needed one more looper control.  (since I sometimes have to record a section to solo over later, it's important to be able to use STOP to end the loop so it's ready when i need later in the song)


Now have Undo, Rec/OD, Play, Stop


problem is that my play and stop switches have to be pushed twice to respond..   i can't figure out anything wrong in the settings.


after recording a loop, the buttons seem to work ok, but if i stop the loop, then it takes 2 pushes on play to play it and then 2 pushes on stop to stop it.


Any assistance would be much appreciated!



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