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Spider V Metal Riff and Solo Patch

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Hi, Got close to setting up a modern high gain riff and solo patch (my first!) - but I need some help (Spider V 240 Combo).  Palm muted notes (specially from E string) leave an annoying trail of hiss/fizz. I had some luck with a very aggressive noise gate setup (decay = 0). Is that normal ? My amp model is L6 insane. Also that made the solo sound very muffled and weak (no bite/aggression/gain). Does that mean that I need a new patch (let's keep delay out of this picture for now as I don't have a footswitch) for solo without NG? Is that expected?  Also is 'reverb' supposed to be used for solos only? I'm playing through a low volume/bedroom setup.  


Also could anybody point to those 'Ola Englung' patches on the cloud? What are they called? 



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