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Need urgent help with Amplifi 75!!!


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I’ve picked up a second hand unit today after years of wanting one. Took it home and set it up, it stated on the app that I needed an update so I clicked on the update. 

once clicked on it states that it is updating and to not switch off (standard protocol) but when this happens the unit immediately loses its Bluetooth connection and won’t update.


the unit has 4 lights that are constantly either flashing/on but I can’t use any features on the amp


ive bought an expensive paperweight it seems.


can anyone help?

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Hi WeWereDinosaurs,


What a shame! I am sorry you have had trouble. All I can suggest is to try a factory reset by booting the unit while holding down the volume and tone buttons until all the volume lights light up and try again. If that doesn't work, try updating using Line 6 Updater on a PC if you can. Hopefully one of these works.


Also, what device are you using with the Bluetooth? If I remember correctly, some devices (especially iPhones and iPads I think) don't work very well with the bluetooth on the Amplifi series amps and end up dropping out a lot when they aren't within a metre or less of each other. I know that my Amplifi 150 was very unreliable with Bluetooth (even with my Samsung devices and when they were in contact with each other) in certain spaces with lots of wireless signals flying around, such as in the Performing Arts Centre, so I had to make sure all my patches were sorted either prior to the audio and light techs booting up their systems, or take the amp away if anything needed changing. I just wish that I could plug in my computer and do any changes on a dedicated Amplifi Edit program, similar to POD HD500x edit and Helix Edit, but Line 6 says they have no plan to release such an app for the Amplifi series. If there are a lot of wireless signals travelling where you're trying to update, you may be getting some interference from one of them causing the connection to drop.


Hopefully some of this is helpful!



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