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POD GO power supply 90˙ plug?


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Just go my Pod Go after the whole of the UK was out of stock, worth the wait - I'm having lots of fun with it (I actually sold my Helix to buy this; and I've already used it more than I used the Helix; loved the Helix but it was actually too capable for my needs!)


One thing I really don't like about the Go though is the power supply 90 degree plug; when all the other I/O cables are straight, I find the 90 degree plug is really inconvenient - it gets in the way of the on/off switch (which is a nice touch by the way, as I understand not many Pods have had one? Switch is a bit flimsy feeling though) or the USB cable if you feed it in from the other side. 


I've seen pictures online of Pod Go's with straight plugs from the power supply, does anyone know if these are available, or is anyone using a 3rd party non-OEM supply? (I do  know Line 6 recommend you don't...)


Thanks folks 

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