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Soldano Slo100 With Pod X3

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Dear All,


I'm connecting my POD X3 to SLO100 Head from the FX Send and Return socket, trying to use the SLO100 Distortion channel with the POD's Delay and other effects.


But the problem is: It's Shows Red "CLIP" on POD, seems the SLO100's FX send output a big level signal, can it be fixed? It also happens when I connect my EH Delux Memory Man to SLO100, the red overload light blicking a lot. Because SLO100 seems a very traditional amp head with few output socket...


One more question:

Can I have a POD HD 500X or M13 connect to SLO100 by "four cable" method to serve as pre or post effects chain?


THX a lot~

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