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Amplifi 75 doesn't work anymore


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I bought an amplifi 75, 3 years ago.

After one year, it stopped to work, impossible to turn it on. But it was under guarantee, so I got it fixed.

But It happened again few days ago and the amp not anymore under guarantee...

Maybe it's just some small piece to change...and the repair seems to be very expensive.


Is this issue known by Line6 ?





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Unfortunatly ALL owners of any Amplifi were deliberately screwed by Line 6. Tens of thousands have been ripped of succesfully by Line 6 because they sell a product THAT HAS NEVER WORKED PROPERLY FROM THE START!  Since day one it has been clearly documented by MILLIONS that Amplifi 150 and all other Line 6 products have a MAJOR blue tooth conectivity problem with both the Android and IOS versions of the Amplifi app. Like me if you own any Line 6 product you have a usless paperweight. If you are thinking about purchasing an Amplifi YOU KNOW UP FRONT THAT IT WILL NEVER WORK! BEST ADVICE STAY AWAY FROM EVERYTHING LINE 6 AND DON'T LOOK BACK!

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