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G10: correct SHORT amplifier cable from receiver to amp


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I am a beginner to this, both the guitar and use of a newly purchased G10.

If I use a long amplifier cable to connect the receiver to my amp, even though they are sat next to each other then the 'system' works, as in I can use the transmitter in the guitar.

However, if I use a short, ie good quality 12" Fender instrument cable, the one with the angled ends, so I don't have several feet of cable all bunched up and untidy looking, then it does not work.

Is there a specific type of short cable I can use that will solve my problem?

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As long as the cable has the correct 1/4" connectors and doesn't have an open or short, it should work, regardless of length. 


As an experiment, can you plug your guitar directly into your amp using this short cable? If it works that way, it should work just as well with from the output of the receiver to your amp. Maybe make certain that the plugs seat correctly in the jacks, and aren't in some way impeded by the angled ends.

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