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Hooking up Pod Go to Home Stereo and Headphones


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Hi there,


Im new on this Forum! I hope im acting by the Rules and Regulations here. Also be patient with me and my mistakes, as english is not my native tongue.

I came here to ask some Questions before purchasing a Pod Go from Thomann.


Im a pretty new Guitar Player living in Vienna City. As i want to practice without Noise i would mostly use the Pod Go with Headphones. Sometimes i would like to turn my Stereo on aswell and plug the Pod into that. I know it may not be the best sounding solution but i will only use it rarely with the Home Stereo, as i will have to be mostly silent.

Equipment i already have:

Sony MDR 1A
TFZ King Pro

FIIO F9 pro

Phillips A5 Pro


FIIO X5 3 Dap



Denon X2500H

Teufel Ultima 40 MK3

Homebuilt Sub (Soon if it makes sense to build one for Guitar Use)

I want to have a good Sound with both. Do you Guys think it will be possible both with the Stereo and Headphones i have? Im not concerned to model a real amp 100% but i just want a good sound so i can practice. 
With Headphones i am really not sure if i would need something diffrent or to upgrade, as i heard not everything works good with the Pod Go. What works good for you and do you think the low resistance of my Headphones will work?

Also i was wondering how to Wire the Pod Go so its connected correctly to Headphones and Stereo. What shall i do so it sounds good? Do i need more Equipment like Mixers or DI Boxes?

Sorry this is new Terrain for me so i have no clue what to look for, which Adapters etc.

Thanks for the Help!

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