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HX Stomp Noisy LEDs


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Hi all


So, I've just updated my HX Stomp to 3.0, plugged it all in, and now I get an 80Hz(roughly a low E-string) noise whenever one of the LEDs are switched on. If I enable tap tempo on FS3, the noise is concurrent with the tempo... :-/ The noise is too loud to ignore, sadly, and I have a gig(FINALLY) on Monday.


Anyone else have this problem? I'm powering it off a Gigrig Distributor/Generator, using the correct adapter cable.


kind regards



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I experienced this tap-tempo LED synchronized noise when I daisy-chained HX stomp power supply (DC-3g, the stock one) to power both HX Stomp and G70 wireless receiver. DC-3g has enough juice, but I suspect the supply voltage ripple due to LED on/off is injecting noise to G70. I switched to isolated power supply (Strymon Zuma R300), problem solved.


I guess Gigrig Distributor is non-isolated power supply, causing the same issue.

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