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  1. Not sure about CC 123 which is Mute All command in general. In my case with BeatBuddy, it sends SysEx Song Start and Stop commands as described here. HXS responds to these SysEx commands. Another interesting behavior I found is that even while HXS ignores MIDI clock after receiving SysEX Stop command, if I change tempo at BB via tap tempo, scroll wheel, or MIDI command to BB, then HXS responds to that tempo change and syncs. This tempo change at BB doesn't trigger any MIDI command to HXS but HXS still detects the tempo change. It seems that HXS keeps measuring MIDI clock even when it ignores, and syncs to the clock if tempo change detected.
  2. I have similar issue. HX Stomp 3.50, HX Edit 3.51. I'm sending MIDI clock from BeatBuddy drum machine to HX Stomp. I configured BB to always send MIDI clock even when BB is not playing. However HXS syncs with BB only when BB is playing - HXS FS3 turns blue and blinking syncs with BB. But if BB stops playing, HXS FS3 turns back to red and blinking tempo goes back to global setting default. I confirmed BB keeps sending MIDI clock via MIDI analyzer. Upon further investigation, I found that HXS ignores MIDI clock until it receives MIDI Song Start system message, and ignores MIDI clock again after it receives MIDI Song Stop system message. That's why HXS goes back to default tempo when BB stops. I'm not sure if this is a bug of HX Stomp, or an expected behavior from MIDI protocol. Anyway my workaround was simple; I configured BB not to send Song Stop message, now BB and HXS are always in sync. Hope this helps analyzing your issue.
  3. My original use case was about plugging single guitar cable to L/Mono or R, which has been well answered by you. Thanks a lot! Regarding plugging stereo cable into L/Mono AND R is just out of curiosity. I just want to know how HX Stomp behaves if I plug in stereo instrument (keyboard with L and R outputs, for example) to both L/Mono and R. If I want to maintain stereo separation (L/Mono input to L output, R input to R output), then from your explanation I need to put splitter to direct L/Mono to L only. Otherwise L/Mono goes to both L and R output, messes up the stereo separation. Is my understanding correct?
  4. Then to maintain L/R separation for stereo input, should I put split block to route L/Mono to L only? This is somewhat counter-intuitive for keyboard player which may feed stereo input to Stomp.
  5. Yes, that's what I've found from quick experiment yesterday. @rd2rk, so L/Mono goes to both L and R by default. Does it go to L only if I put stereo block at the beginning of the chain? I forgot to test this scenario.
  6. Is there any difference expected soundwise if I plug my guitar to L/Mono input vs. Right input? My HX Stomp signal chain is mono. I'm planning to use this right input as a backup in case my wireless unit connected to L/Mono fails. It seems working from my quick test. There was subtle difference but I guess it's buffered (via wireless unit) vs. unbuffered. I want to make sure I'm not doing something st*p*d.
  7. Nice! Far elegant than my brute force hack. Thanks a lot @rd2rk
  8. I sometimes use HX Stomp as an audio interface, sending audio from PC to monitor speakers. In this usage I want to shut down the input signal path. As I understand Stomp disables input path if nothing is plugged in, but my setup has fixed connection to L/Mono, so this is not usable. Currently I put -120dB gain block to suppress any noise coming in. Is there any better way?
  9. Regarding those factory presets which doesn't make any sound, aren't they named as "4CM:..." ? If they are, you need to hook the stomp up using 4 cable method. You can find details from HX Stomp manual.
  10. 4CM preset doesn't work if you hook it up as a pedalboard in front of the amp. In 4CM HX sends the input signal (L input) to FX send, expecting the signal comes back through FX return. In regular 4CM this is done by preamp section. If you don't provide path between FX send and FX return no sound will come out. If you need to use 4CM preset like a normal pedalboard, you should at least connect HX FX send and FX return L with patch cable.
  11. Any chance there's feedback loop between HX Stomp and MC6? Is there any connection between HX Stomp MIDI out to MC6 MIDI in? or are they both connected to the same PC/Mac via USB? If your setup is this way, you may turn MIDI Thru OFF in HX Stomp global setting.
  12. I think it's a simple setup issue. 1. Your 2nd pic which shows snapshot up/down is the scroll mode. Here you can toggle preset up/down and snapshot up/down by holding FS1+2 as written in the manual. 2. I suspect you changed the FS3 function from Tap/Tuner which is factory default to something else, most likely Stomp3. That's why Tap/Tuner is missing. 3. Your 3rd pic shows stomp mode but most likely you didn't assign any bypass function. That's why it shows blank buttons.
  13. I experienced this tap-tempo LED synchronized noise when I daisy-chained HX stomp power supply (DC-3g, the stock one) to power both HX Stomp and G70 wireless receiver. DC-3g has enough juice, but I suspect the supply voltage ripple due to LED on/off is injecting noise to G70. I switched to isolated power supply (Strymon Zuma R300), problem solved. I guess Gigrig Distributor is non-isolated power supply, causing the same issue.
  14. I'm using the setup you described - DVP4 and momentary switch. It works well. Here is my configuration: - DVP4 internal tip/ring switch to ring. - Insert cable (TRS to 2 TS) tip side to momentary switch, ring side to DVP4. - HXS EXP/FS Tip -> FS - HXS EXP/FS Ring -> EXP - HXS Ring Polarity -> invert
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